Sewing Workshops

FirstSewingLessonSewing has become a lost art. I believe that everyone should have basic sewing skills, and it doesn’t have to be tedious, frustrating or time-consuming. I consider myself a guerilla seamstress; I don’t use patterns, I rarely use pins and use multiple shortcuts for quick results.

Guerilla Upcycled Sewing Lessons

Whether you’re a beginning or experienced seamstress, or can’t thread a sewing machine…. you’ll learn something new.

Guerilla Sewing is the quick and easy way to sew. This class includes basics in sewing machines, sergers, hand-sewing, fabric, mending and alterations. Learn how to make garments without patterns with upcycled materials. Learn shortcuts, tricks and designer secrets with professional results.
  • Students should bring their own if they have one, but loaner machines are available.
  • Lessons are for beginning and intermediate students. No experience necessary.
  • Teens welcome, age minimum 10 years old


  • Truckee Roundhouse Maker Space: I teach private and regularly scheduled workshops at the Roundhouse. Check the website for the schedule. Located at Truckee Airport.
  • SF Bay Area: I am occasionally in the Bay Area, so I can offer private workshops at your location. Contact me to discuss.


  • 3-Hour Workshops at Truckee Roundhouse, $35 per person.
  • Private Two-Hour Lesson: 
    • Single Student: $50. $20 for each additional hour.
    • 2-3 students: $40 per person. $15 per person for each additional hour.
    • 4 or more students: $30 per person. $15 per person for each additional hour.

If interested in a private lesson or workshops, contact me via email.


13 responses to “Sewing Workshops

  1. What city are you located? Kd

  2. HI JUDY,
    This sounds wonderful. Is this an ongoing open ended class? Can’t take it for awhile, don’t know how to sew and don’t have a sewing machine. But I want to!! Cherry

    • Hi Cherry! This is an on-going workshop. Anyone can join, even if you don’t have a sewing machine. It’s also a great way to learn about sewing machines so when you’re ready to buy one, you’ll know what you want.

      Next month I’ll be focusing on Halloween costumes, then start on holiday gifts in November. Yay!

  3. Adriana Zaragoza

    Nice! I would love to come to your workshop, I learned to sew in jr. high (I think they call it middle school now LOL) and need to polish my skills. I mostly want to work on refashion and alterations. I’m looking at next year sometime (its almost Nov., can you believe it?) hopefully you will have classes then as well.

    Adriana Zaragoza (aka Lawson) 🙂

  4. I would love to attend your classes, but work M-F. Are there weekend classes available?

  5. I am interested in taking one of your classes one day. Unfortunately, my schedule is tight with the next theatre season opening soon and a month long vacation planned soon. But I will contact you judy! Thanks, dyanne

  6. Judi, I really loved the guerilla sewing workshop a few weeks ago! I’m so stoked about my new dress! I’ve asked a couple of my friend’s for their dresses so I can replicate one for them, too! I’d like to take the Sock Monkey workshop…can you please add my email to your list of class update notifications?

  7. Judi, I can get 2-3 people together, give me some dates that will work for you. On the meantime, I’ll share this on my page.

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  9. I am looking for someone to teach me how to use my sewing machine I got as gift are you still teaching?

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