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I teach kids’ camps and workshops at Truckee Roundhouse, that focus on upcycled projects. I usually offer one-week summer camps, and a workshops during the holiday break. Check in with Truckee Roundhouse for updates.

Summer 2021 Kids Camp
In Session 1, we made shoulder bags out of blue jeans and upholstery samples and stuffies out of felt scraps. We did some wood working by making Tiny tiny-houses from reclaimed wood and upcycled material. We made hat racks out of bottle caps and robots from tin cans. Students learned how to use sewing machines, power drills and drivers, a scroll saw and leather tools. We even had a demo of the laser cutter and the CNC metal plasma cutter.

Students learn basic construction principles and how to safely use tools, all while expressing their creativity and learning problem-solving skills. Instruction includes the use of hot glue guns, drills, drivers, fasteners, wire, hand tools, sewing machines, and hand-sewing tools. Lessons also include the importance of upcycling, recycling, and how to reduce the consumption of plastics.

Each day is a different project-based class. Students will be making practical, usable items, and gifts using upcycled materials such as wood, fabrics, jars, tin cans, plastic bottles, corks, and bottle caps.

Open to kids: 8+, All Genders

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