kids camp 2021

I teach kids’ camps at Truckee Roundhouse, that focus on upcycled projects such as:
Blue jean water bottle holder
Pet-food-bag tote
Tin can caddy
Bedsheet bunting
T-shirt beanie

Students will learn basic construction principles and how to safely use tools, all while expressing their creativity and learning problem-solving skills. Instruction includes the use of hot glue guns, drills, drivers, fasteners, wire, hand tools, sewing machines, and hand-sewing tools.Lessons also include the importance of upcycling, recycling, and how to reduce the consumption of plastics.

Each day will be a different project-based class. Students will be making practical, usable items, and gifts using upcycled materials such as wood, fabrics, jars, tin cans, plastic bottles, corks, and bottle caps.

Open to kids: 8+, All Genders

2021 Camp dates:
Session 1: July 19-23
Session 2: August 2-6

Register at: Truckee Roundhouse