Encaustic Workshops

I teach Encaustic painting at Truckee Roundhouse Maker Space. Encaustic painting is an ancient hot beeswax medium, that is applied as hot molten pigmented wax. It pre-dates oil paint with its history rooted in ancient Egypt and Greece. The work encaustic means “to burn in” in Greek.


About the Medium:
Beeswax is melted with Damar resin to make Encaustic medium. This is the base medium to which powdered pigment is added to create the encaustic paint. This medium is a sensuou
s tactile medium, that smells wonderful and begs to be layered.

Below is student art work…

The tools include crock pots, a pancake griddle and a handheld open flame torch. The hot molten encaustic paint is applied to a wood substrate with a brush, then fused with the torch. Colors can be layers, segmented and scratched into. Objects can be imbedded into the wax. The possibilities are endless.

We cover the basics of encaustic painting, including how to make your own Encaustic paint. Workshops include all materials including wood substrates. No painting experience is needed.

For more information about Encaustic painting, click here. 

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