Encaustic Painting

7″x7″ Series
Encaustic, Oil on Wood
$40 each

Available at: 
Fabulous Finds & Fashions 
in Kings Beach, North Lake Tahoe, CA
Summit Swirl Frozen Yogurt in Truckee, CA



Encaustic painting is an ancient hot beeswax medium, that is applied as hot molten pigmented wax. It pre-dates oil paint with its history rooted in ancient Egypt.

I teach workshops for beginners, but welcome experienced encaustic artists who want to share ideas and techniques. My workshops include lessons on making encaustic medium, making encaustic paint, equipment use, resources, substrates and a wide variety of techniques.

The process begins with raw beeswax. I render the wax with heat, separate out the honey and add Damar resin to make Encaustic medium. This is the base medium to which powdered pigment is added to create the encaustic paint.

12×12 Paintings:


Art Created with Fire
The tools include crock pots, a pancake griddle and a handheld torch. The hot molten encaustic paint is applied to a wood substrate with a brush, then fused with the torch. Colors can be layers, segmented and scratched into. Objects can be imbedded into the wax. The possibilities are endless.

About the Medium:  Encaustic medium is a sensuous tactile medium, that smells wonderful and begs to be layered. I wrote about it in an article called My Illicit Affair with Hot WaxI learned multiple techniques from artists Bill Harsh who introduced Arts Benicia to Encaustic and Lissa Rankin, author of Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax. 

Sold Paintings

Encaustic Experience: I learned to paint Encaustic from artist/instructor William Harsh, Cari Hernandez and Lissa Rankin, artist/instructor and author of Encaustic Art, the Complete Guide to Creating Art with Wax, I’ve been painting in Encaustic since 2007 and have exhibited and sold my work at galleries in Carmel, Benicia, Vallejo and Berkeley. I’ve been teaching Encaustics since 2014.


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  1. I will be in your area from March 30- April 3, 2020. I am very interested in taking your encaustic class. Will there be any classes offered during that time? Please send me dates and times and a phone # so I may discuss class options. Thank you.

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